Bajra Atta (Pearl Millet)

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Product Name Bajra Atta (Pearl Millet)
Benefits Rich in - Protein, dietary fibre, foliate, magnesium, iron, copper,zinc,vitamins,E and B-complex. It has high energy content
Product Description Millets are ancient food grains of various types and there is evidence of their use in the Indus civilization around 3000 BC. They were among the first plants to be domesticated for food. They also have high dietary fibre and are non-glutinous.
WHY MILLETS - Millets are anti-acidic.
- A good for high blood sugar, they can help prevent Type-II diabetes.
- Reduce Risk of gastrointestinal conditions, eliminate problems of constipation, excess gas, bloating and cramping.
- Cost effective source of iron and fibres.
DID YOU KNOW United Nations General Assembly has declared 2023 the International Year of Millets on March,5 2021 on a proposal moved by India and supported by 72 countries

Koiai (Premium sake) - Junmai Ginjo

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Class Name Junmai Ginjo
Product Name KOIAI (Premium sake)
Type Aromatic, Rich
Taste/Texture Slightly sweet
Ingredients Rice, Koji, Water
Features Apple type Ginjo aroma firstly, then a feel of rich and full-bodied taste.
Serving Temperature 5°c - 10°c

Geppaku (Premium sake) - Ginjo

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Class Name Ginjo
Product Name GEPPAKU (Premium sake)
Type Aromatic
Taste/Texture Dry
Ingredients Rice, Koji, Water, distilled alcohol
Pairing with Food Will suit the simple food to enjoy natural flavors of food, such as grilled mackerel, saury with salt, grilled chicken with salt, etc.
Serving Temperature 5°c—10°C

Liquer - Peach liquer

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Class Name Liqueur
Grade / Product Peach liquer / Sanuki no Momomo | 6 bottles/box (Quantity - 500ml each)
Ingredients Peach (from Kagawa Prefecture)·Sugar ・Brewed alcohol. Purenass of peach - 40%
Alchole Content 8%
Features "Grinding whole peaches from Kagawa Prefecture and making it sake. It is a rich taste with peach puree. Please enjoy juicy and thick peache taste liquer.Peaches are easy to oxidize and difficult to process."

Junmai Syu - Kinryo Wine Yeast

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Class Name Seisyu
Grade Junmai Syu
Product Name Kinryo Wine Yeast Junmai Shu
Rice used Sanuki Yoimai (Made in Kagawa Pref.)
Ingredients Rice・Malted rice
Yeast Wine yeast
Alcohol Content 15%~16%
Quantity 720ml

Ume shu - Shiroshita Sugar

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Class Name Liquer
Grade Ume shu
Product Name Shiroshita Sugar Ume shu
Ingredients Plum (Kagawa prefecture: Onishi plantation) / Sake (self-made brewed liquor) / white sugar sugar (Kagawa prefecture: Mitani sugar) / brewed alcohol
Alchole Content 14%
Quantity 720ml
Packing 6bottles/Carton box