Deepak Agarwal

Deepak Agarwal is the Promoter and Director of the company. He is extremely efficient when it comes to managing the company and has an important role to play for the company. Mr. Agarwal has an extremely successful career and is keen to show that the company is committed to the entrepreneurial edge.

Rahul Prasad

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the Company, is a Fellow Member of 'The Institute of Company Secretaries of India', Fellow Member of 'The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, London', a Law Graduate from CCS University, Uttar Pradesh and MBA in Financial Management from IGNOU, New Delhi. He has also graduated from the Harvard Business School (Executive Education — PLD).

Kaveri Prasad

She is a Law Graduate from Delhi University. She has worked as a Legal Editor with one of the leading law publishing houses LexisNexis Butterworths.

Sparkling N Sake have stood together through thick and thin to hold the title of Japan's oldest continuously family-run, blended Liquor's makers. But we couldn't have done it without a little help along the way.

Nishino Kinryo Corp

Sparkling 'N' Sake has started with Sake Distributorship of a reputed Japanese company named 'Nishino Kinryo', having its Head Office in Kagawa, Japan.

Matsui Syuzo Corp

Matsu Shuzo started Japanese sake brewing in 1726. Since then, they have produced many masterpieces sake, such as Kagura, Kyo Chitose, Fuji Chitose and Kinpyo.

Ide Jozo

In the region of Fujigoko or the area that has five lakes formed by eruptions of Mt. Fuji, Ide Brewery Co. is the one and only sake brewery. And we at Ide Brewery Co.

Ishu Honjozo

Kinryo was founded in 1789 in Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku. Surrounded by Japan's Seto Inland Sea and the mountains of Shikoku, the brewery is blessed with a rich natural environment