• Dr.Shiladitya Verma
  • Denis M.Mouyenga
  • N.Janardhan

Dr.Shiladitya Verma

Dr.Shiladitya Verma is a Business and Management University Professor with Around 19 Years of Teaching and Industry (Corporate) Experience. He has also been rendering his services as a management consultant and advisor for many small and medium sized organizations especially in the field of branding & promotion, human resources, marketing, etc.

His research interests lie especially in the field of Human Resource Management, Organization Behaviour, Marketing, Retailing, Consumer Behaviour, Supply Chain Management, Retail Logistics, Strategic Management, Business Planning and Tourism and Hospitality Management and his research papers and articles have been published in several academic and professional journals and have also been presented in several conferences & seminars over the years.

He is also an avid artist (painter) and has exhibited his works in several one-man and group art exhibitions at national and international level. His works are in collections of several leading art collectors in India and other countries. He also a fervent theater artist and has taken part in several stage productions. He is also an author and a poet. His debut book in English and Hindi poems came out in the year 2017. His second book of short stories in Hindi was published in 2018.

He has a Doctorate in Applied Economics & Business Management, M.Phil in Management, Masters in Psychology and Masters in Management Science. Apart from this he also has also a Masters in Fine Arts.

Currently he is working as a business faculty in a federal university in the United Arab Emirates.

Email id : shilaverma@gmail.com

Denis M. Mouyenga

Denis is a visionary leader, self-driven entrepreneur, and senior executive manager with superior business administration expertise and tested strategic and operational management skills, coupled with competitive international trade and legal knowledge (corporate, insurance, contracts, international). He is a critical thinker with over twenty years of diverse and challenging cross-functional and cross-industry professional experience and track-record of business management success, both within the United States and overseas. A Cameroonian-born U.S. Citizen, Denis has traveled abroad many times and worked with (or on behalf of) clients and companies in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and across the United States and Canada. As a relatively young executive manager, he has been trusted to responsibly manage and oversee a series of projects in the public and private sectors, with a combined estimated value well over Four Billon U.S. Dollars

The breadth of his unique background covers industries and fields such as, insurance, finance and accounting, investment banking, business management, international trade, business and economic development, public transportation, construction management, industrial waste management, manufacturing, contracts, projects and programs management, international relations and diplomacy, public policy, civil rights, education and research, entrepreneurship, financial, legal, food and medical services, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, national defense and homeland security, global consultancy, Veterans services, municipal, state, and federal government, energy, oil, and gas, and media and communications, etc.

Over the course of his broad professional career, Denis has taken on many different roles and responsibilities, in some of corporate America's leading companies and as an independent consultant and entrepreneur, in the private sector as well as in the United States military and state government agencies, in the public sector. In all his professional undertakings, however, Denis has always designed and helped implement cost effective business and development solutions that harnessed the potential for companies (in the private sector) and government agencies (in the public sector) to grow more efficient, more profitable, and more successful. He has logically earned respect as a results-driven executive, just as he has often been praised for his natural intelligence, communication abilities, as well as his discipline, integrity, and work ethic.

In 2015 Mr. Denis M. Mouyenga founded and incorporated Mouyenga Group Corp., (MG), a US-based multi-business professional services and international trade global corporation that offers pragmatic, adapted, and cost-effective solutions to clients, both in the United States and around the world. Mouyenga Group Corp., (MG)'s customers are provided with competitive value-added products and services (Supply Chain Management, Management Consulting, Project Management, Government Programs Management, Brokerage and Agency Services, Import and Export Operations Management, Non-profit Organizations Management, Customized Training and Professional Development); all of which deliver on reliability, quality, efficiency, and legal compliance. Mr. Mouyenga is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Mouyenga Group Corp., (MG). Denis is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Southwest Veterans' Business Resource Center (SWVBRC), a non-profit organization aimed at ending homelessness for Service members, educating U.S. military Veterans on the full spectrum of their earned benefits, and connecting them to various private and public sector organizations. Mr. Denis Mouyenga is finally also a Senior Adjunct Professor of Management and Finance with Cambridge College.

Mr. Denis M. Mouyenga is a graduate of Harvard Business School's Program for Leadership Development (Harvard's eMBA), Finance for Senior Executives Program, and the Leading Professional Services Firm Program. He also graduated the United States Army Transportation School's Transportation Management Program, the United States Army Field Artillery's Basic Combat Training, the Investment Banking Institute's Financial Modeling and Valuation Program, and Keiser College's All-lines Insurance Claims Management Program. In addition, Denis holds an MBA in International Business and a BA with distinction, in International Relations and Diplomacy from Schiller International University in Florida. Mr. Mouyenga's additional educational background includes, holding a college degree in Philosophy, Literature, and Foreign Language Studies (French, English, and German) and, having attended law and political science studies in Cameroon. Mr. Denis Mouyenga is perfectly fluent in French and is furthermore a decorated and retired U.S. military Service member, with an active U.S. government (Department of Defense, DoD-issued) security clearance.

Email id : denismouyenga@mouyenga.com


"Janardhan Narayana Pillai is the Chief Operating Officer of a large business conglomerate in the Middle East.

A business strategist with over 27 years of experience specializing in FMCG portfolio, conglomerate management including Discrete Manufacturing (Mining) and Durable. (Food & Beverages) and Non-Durable Manufacturing (Consumer Goods and Industrial Products). He had been responsible for creating and executing turnaround /change and re-structuring policies. He had defined and improved processes from template design to development, launch, execution and delivery of global FMCG projects for increased profit, productivity and staff engagement. He has expertise in SAP/ERP Production (PP) implementation, business development geographical expansion, mergers and acquisitions, portfolio optimization within multicultural environments in India, Africa and the Middle East.

He started his career as an Engineer in a heavy engineering & automobile company Escorts Limited. His introduction to the world of FMCG came when he worked for over a decade in Hindustan Unilever Limited in various capacities as Industrial Engineer, Production & Maintenance Manager, Product Development Manager and Manufacturing Manager. His journey in the FMCG world continued with Coca-Cola in India in both Technical and Sales and Marketing functions; designations include Plant Manager, Area General Manager and Head-Manufacturing for over a period of 5 years

In 2013 he did his Global MBA with distinction from Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK and was awarded certificate for the best group project work. He did his Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Engineering) in 1990 from College of Engineering, Guindy (Anna University), India and was awarded the Gold Medal. He did Stanford Strategic Decision and Risk Management from Stanford Centre for Professional Development, Stanford University, CA, USA in 2014 and in 2015, Advanced Project Management from Stanford Centre for Professional Development, Stanford University, CA, USA. He has also done Program for Leadership Development (PLD24) from Harvard Business School MA, USA in 2017."

Email id : njragu@yahoo.com

Sparkling N Sake have stood together through thick and thin to hold the title of Japan's oldest continuously family-run, blended Liquor's makers. But we couldn't have done it without a little help along the way.

Nishino Kinryo Corp

Sparkling 'N' Sake has started with Sake Distributorship of a reputed Japanese company named 'Nishino Kinryo', having its Head Office in Kagawa, Japan.

Matsui Syuzo Corp

Matsu Shuzo started Japanese sake brewing in 1726. Since then, they have produced many masterpieces sake, such as Kagura, Kyo Chitose, Fuji Chitose and Kinpyo.

Ide Jozo

In the region of Fujigoko or the area that has five lakes formed by eruptions of Mt. Fuji, Ide Brewery Co. is the one and only sake brewery. And we at Ide Brewery Co.

Ishu Honjozo

Kinryo was founded in 1789 in Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku. Surrounded by Japan's Seto Inland Sea and the mountains of Shikoku, the brewery is blessed with a rich natural environment