Kirameki (Premium Sake) - Junmai Daiginjo

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Class NameJunmai Daiginjo
Product NameKirameki (Premium Sake)
TypeFragrant, Aromatic
IngredientsRice, Koji, Water
FeaturesBrewer's spirits and techniques are alive in drop by drop. The best to serve at the beginning of eating to enjoy very clear and sharp taste.
Pairing with FoodWill suit lighter and simpler taste food like sashimi of flatfish, an abalone, spiny lobster and crab with vinegar.
Serving Temperature5°c—10°C

Koiai (Premium sake) - Junmai Ginjo

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Class NameJunmai Ginjo
Product NameKOIAI (Premium sake)
TypeAromatic, Rich
Taste/TextureSlightly sweet
IngredientsRice, Koji, Water
FeaturesApple type Ginjo aroma firstly, then a feel of rich and full-bodied taste.
Serving Temperature5°c - 10°c

Geppaku (Premium sake) - Ginjo

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Class NameGinjo
Product NameGEPPAKU (Premium sake)
IngredientsRice, Koji, Water, distilled alcohol
Pairing with FoodWill suit the simple food to enjoy natural flavors of food, such as grilled mackerel, saury with salt, grilled chicken with salt, etc.
Serving Temperature5°c—10°C

Liquer - Peach liquer

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Class NameLiqueur
Grade / ProductPeach liquer / Sanuki no Momomo | 6 bottles/box (Quantity - 500ml each)
IngredientsPeach (from Kagawa Prefecture)·Sugar ・Brewed alcohol. Purenass of peach - 40%
Alchole Content8%
Features"Grinding whole peaches from Kagawa Prefecture and making it sake. It is a rich taste with peach puree. Please enjoy juicy and thick peache taste liquer.Peaches are easy to oxidize and difficult to process."

Junmai Syu - Kinryo Wine Yeast

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Class NameSeisyu
GradeJunmai Syu
Product NameKinryo Wine Yeast Junmai Shu
Rice usedSanuki Yoimai (Made in Kagawa Pref.)
IngredientsRice・Malted rice
YeastWine yeast
Alcohol Content15%~16%

Ume shu - Shiroshita Sugar

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Class NameLiquer
GradeUme shu
Product NameShiroshita Sugar Ume shu
IngredientsPlum (Kagawa prefecture: Onishi plantation) / Sake (self-made brewed liquor) / white sugar sugar (Kagawa prefecture: Mitani sugar) / brewed alcohol
Alchole Content14%
Packing6bottles/Carton box